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Thermobinder Fellowes Helios 30

Brand Fellowes
Product number FELTBH30
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Office Thermal Binder - For frequent use. Binds multiple documents up to a combined size of 30 mm or 300 sheets.


  • Binding type thermobinding
  • Maximal format A4
  • Maximum binding capacity 300 sheets of 80 g/m² paper
  • Heat up time 4 min
  • Binding time 60 - 180 s
  • Signaling the expiration of the binding time yes
  • Power 600 W
  • Voltage 230 V
  • Size (W x H x D) 240mm x 100mm x 530mm
  • Weight 2.6 kg
  • EAN Code 0043859570034
  • Item Number 5641001
  • Warranty 24 months
  • Brand Fellowes
  • Number of packages in a carton 2
  • Electric Device Group 6-3-2
  • Recycling costs 4.00
  • Custom Tariff 84401040

Product description

Office Thermal Binder - For frequent use • Audio and visual indicators clearly signal when ready to bind • HeatShield safety barrier prevents accidental user contact with the heating plate • Document size guide enables user to easily select correct binding cycle • Automatically shuts off when not in use to reduce enegy consumption • Binds multiple documents up to a combined size of 30 mm or 300 sheets • Folds flat for storage - HeatShield: Safety barrier designed to prevent accidental contact with the heating plate. - Sleep Mode: Automatically shuts down during periods of inactivity to reduce energy consumption and ensure safe operation. - Audio and Visual indicators: Ensures a simple, easy to follow binding process. How does the Helios 30 work: 1. The document scale enables users to measure thedocuments thickness and calculate the correct bindingcycle. 2. The binding clamp slides open, enabling the documents to be loaded into the binder. The documents should touch the heater plate with the clamp supporting the documents during the binding cycle. 3. The binding clamp includes the HeatShield feature, a safety barrier to prevent users touching the heated plate during the binding cycle. 4. The user can see the progress of the binding cycle and is alerted when the cycle is complete.

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