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Brand EBA
Product number REPEBACI7260LT
Product price
Cutting length 720 mm. Air table. Guillotine with EASY-CUT, hydraulic clamp, programmable power backgauge with electronic control module and IR light beam safety curtain on the front table.


  • Device type guillotine
  • Maximum cutting length 720 mm
  • Maximum cutting height 80 mm
  • Maximal format A2
  • Table depth 720 mm
  • Narrow cut 20 mm
  • Blade drive type electromechanically
  • Paper press type hydraulic
  • Backgauge electrically from the control panel
  • Safety cover IR light beam safety curtain
  • Light marking of the cutting line yes
  • Air supply table yes
  • Power 1900 W
  • Voltage 400 V
  • Size (W x H x D) 1305mm x 1335mm x 1540mm
  • Weight 588 kg
  • EAN Code 4018351005601
  • Item Number 72613131
  • Warranty 24 months
  • Brand EBA
  • Number of packages in a carton 1
  • Electric Device Group 4-13-3
  • Recycling costs 1176.00
  • Custom Tariff 84419010

Product description

Our top model: guillotine with EASY-CUT, hydraulic clamp, programmable power backgauge with electronic control module and IR light beam safety curtain on the front table. Equipped with the new, patented EASY-CUT blade activating bars for convenient and safe cutting. Comprehensive SCS safety package: IR light beam safety curtain on the front table; safety cover on the rear table; main switch and safety lock with key; electronically controlled true two-hand operation; 24 volt controls (low voltage); patented safety drive; automatic blade and clamp return from every position; disc brake for instant blade stop; blade changing device with covered cutting edge; blade depth adjustment from the outside of the machine; easy blade and cutting stick change from the front of the machine without removing covers. Hydraulic clamp drive. Clamping pressure infinitely adjustable (min. 250 daN, max. 2000 daN) with optical indicator. Snap-in false clamp plate with optical indicator for delicate work. Foot pedal for pre-clamping or as mechanical cutting line indicator. Optical cutting line with bright and durable LEDs. Electromechanical backgauge drive with precision spindle for exact positioning (backgauge speed: 53 mm/sec.). Fully pro-grammable backgauge control module. Digital display for measurement readout in cm or inches (display accurate to 1/10 mm or 1/100 inch). 10-button key pad for pre-setting of measurement. Memory key for repeat cuts (manual) and additional automatic memory. Three programmable keys for quick setting of frequently needed measurements. Professional control module for storing 99 programs with up to 99 steps each (program runs automatically – with electronic cutting monitor in the program and memory mode). Up to 9 repeat cuts can be integrated into a program as one single program step. Paper EJECT function with and without program mode (advancing programmable). DELETE and INSERT mode for correcting and modifying programs. Automatic measuring correction in case of backgauge displacement. Push buttons for fast backgauge movement (forward and reverse). Electronic hand wheel for manual backgauge positioning with infinitely variable speed control (from very slow to very fast). Integrated calculator. Set function key for reference measurement. Selfdiagnostic system with error indication on display. Electro-mechanical blade drive. Solid steel blade carrier with adjustable guide plates on both sides. Blade made of German high quality HSS steel. Swing cut for more cutting precision. Solid all-metal construction. Stainless-steel working surface for front table. Complete with air table (air jets on front and rear table), practical tool holder and stacking angle. Optional set of side tables (left and right) available at an extra cost. Dimensions /HxWxD): 1335 x 1305 x 1540 mm, width with side tables 2100 mm, depth with side tables 1600 mm. Motor capacity: 1.9 kW, 0.1 kW backgauge drive. Power supply: 400 V / 50 Hz / 3ph (three phase). Weight: 588 kg without side tables, 628 kg with side tables

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