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MaxiT 24 adhesive roller coater

Product number DAIMAX24
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  • Working width 620 mm
  • Heat up time 50 min
  • Roller speed up to 4,5 m/min
  • Recommended paper weight min 110 g/m²
  • Size (W x H x D) 860mm x 145mm x 260mm
  • Weight 19 kg
  • Warranty 24 months
  • Brand DAIGE
  • Number of packages in a carton 1
  • Electric Device Group 4-8-7
  • Recycling costs 20.00

Product description

The MaxiT 24 adhesive system is a motorised roller coater which applies a very thin smooth coating of a unique hot melt adhesive. There are two types of adhesive available, MX adhesive is ideal for casemaking as the adhesive never totally cures allowing the cover to hinge and flex. RP adhesive is the best option for mounting sheets to sheets which need trimming or guillotining after adding the adhesive. Once the substrate is coated it will stick permanently to just about any surface including plastic, wood and metal.

 The machines will coat 30cms in 4 seconds and once processed the adhesive will not lose its tack so mounting does not have to be immediate.

The adhesive will not transfer to fingers and is completely Non-Hazardous and Non Toxic. As it uses a special hot melt adhesive the machine is warm when running. But the heat will not affect inkjet or laser prints.

 The adhesive is supplied in pliable bags which can be added straight to the bath, bag included.

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