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Eurosupplies is a private brand of products (especially office equipment and supplies) of very high and proven quality with a good price.

Laminating supplies

Eurosupplies laminating pouches are suitable for all types of office laminators. They improve the appearance, provide maximum protection against dirt and extend of the printing documents. Available sizes: A6 - A2, 54 x 86, 60 x 95, 65 x 95, 75 x 105, 80 x 110, 83 x 113, 90 x 126.

Office equipment

Eurosupplies brand represents high-quality wire binders, die-cutters and laminators on the market.

Supplies for ring binding

Due to its simplicity and variability, ring binding is the most frequently performed editing of documents. Eurosupplies brand provides binding covers for ring binding as well as plastic rings for binding of various colors.

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